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Originally Posted by Laurin

The RCF is the original driver EAW used in there last BH882.
Two of my Bertha's working over 6 years now in a club with these drivers on bridged (and hard driven) Crown MA3600.

And the B&C is the driver Martin Audio put in the Levans @MOS.
Another pair is playing over a year now with the B&C without a single problem.

Are you certain that EAW used that exact model number you suggested? As far as I remember they used a different model number, which is obsolete by RCF. The B&C 18 TBX 100 is only popular because Danley used it in his design and, many are assuming it is ideal for a folded horn despite Danley not using the B&C 18 TBX 100 in a folded horn.

If you view the TS Parameters of the Precision Devices PD 1850 & Eighteen Sound 18NLW9600 you will see why they are the most popular drivers on market for folded horns that offer a sealed back such as emeralds.

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