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Silver vs. black


You're right, I'm from Scandinavia. Denmark to be more specific.

Even though it's just cosmetic I would actually prefer the silver version. I don't know why there has to be a difference like that. The silver versions(1200) always takes forever to reach the european market. In denmark they still only offer the 1210 Mk2 and M3D.

Anyway I just called my local Panasonic office and asked if they knew wether or not the silver version would be available elsewhere in europe, and to his knowledge it wouldn't.

I have seen some european webshops offering the 1200 MK2 though but not the 1200 M3D.

Reason why I would prefer the 1200 is because I already own 2 SL-1200 Mk2. Bought in denmark back when the 1200 was the only option. :-)
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