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Very tru, and

Originally Posted by pbellsound
I’ve reached my conclusion on Thrive amplifiers. No, I have not heard a one but I will accept the testaments of those who have and use them and have posted here.

It’s a fine amplifier and well built. It sounds and performs great. It has a very high continuous or “long” burst output, compared to other typical amplifiers of this day.

One might be able to match it’s performance with a competing amplifier simply by choosing an amp of a higher power rating.

Although I haven’t seen pricing across the line lately, I do recall seeing some pricing and it was pretty high.

This is a boutique item. It’s not for the portable or touring market. Few installs will have the budget to use it.

The unfortunate reality today is that price is king. The biggest market is sports bars. The sound companies bidding on them using the cheapest Chinese imported amplifiers and molded plastic speakers are winning the jobs. A sub? For what? Sound quality is secondary, the minimum cost job gets the nod. These places sound horrible.

Even the larger installs are won by cost. The sad truth is that today’s audience is what we refer to as “the IPod generation” where the lowest quality MP3 is the norm and DJ’s music is downloaded and played on a mixer run solid in the red. I’m seeing more and more DJ’s showing up with simply two IPod’s. The audience doesn’t know good sound from bad nor do they care. This is a sad and disappointing state but it is the sobering reality.

I would love to have the opportunity to do an install that has the budget to use Thrive amplifiers.

thanks for looking at it this way, when we decided to start Thrive we wanted to design a product that was hifi for installs, we were not concerned of price competing with brand X chinese made products, where price point is concerned, we just wanted to build an incredible sounding product with highest quality components that is reliable with traditional designs and does more then promised.

We always had the idea with this line to go after a market that wants a hifi sound, that IS willing to pay for it. There are many club owners that ARE willing to pay for high end components today to raise the bar audio wise for there venue.

Everyone that has heard the Thrive Audio products loves the products we offer, the sound quality, reliability, and our vision. SBS clients, Nathans Clients, Adams clients, Recording studios and a major network late night talk show uses Thrive Audio to mix there show, this says alot not only about the brand but the quality of the line.

I do not agree on the idea that all of the audience that goes to clubs dont know or care about high quality audio, there might be some but not everyone. Too many clubs that have been built with killer systems are spoken about still to this day from the past, and present venues gaining a great global rep just on there sound alone.

Here is a comment on my facebook page on my designs, to show people do notice and pay attention to sound,

Jerimie Turner,
there is an entire old school tribe of Stereo Montreal dancers in Halifax Nova Scotia who pray to your audio every time they get together for social goodness. We know...... lol All kidding aside, pro-techs and dancers still pass around printouts of your specs and driver lists while yelling and moving at very loud parties. So yea..we're listening.

Sbs Shorty
your serious? wow

Jerimie Turner
totally serious. There was only one great record shop in Halifax in the bangin' days so the scene is tight. We did/do and will share SBS, no worries there. you've got friends over in the east side Shorty.

Where people really notice the quality of club x that has great sound is when they go to another venue and hear the same music on a diff system, then say wow this system doesnt sound like the other space and really realise how great sound is and have a better appreciation for it.

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