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Iíve reached my conclusion on Thrive amplifiers. No, I have not heard a one but I will accept the testaments of those who have and use them and have posted here.

Itís a fine amplifier and well built. It sounds and performs great. It has a very high continuous or ďlongĒ burst output, compared to other typical amplifiers of this day.

One might be able to match itís performance with a competing amplifier simply by choosing an amp of a higher power rating.

Although I havenít seen pricing across the line lately, I do recall seeing some pricing and it was pretty high.

This is a boutique item. Itís not for the portable or touring market. Few installs will have the budget to use it.

The unfortunate reality today is that price is king. The biggest market is sports bars. The sound companies bidding on them using the cheapest Chinese imported amplifiers and molded plastic speakers are winning the jobs. A sub? For what? Sound quality is secondary, the minimum cost job gets the nod. These places sound horrible.

Even the larger installs are won by cost. The sad truth is that todayís audience is what we refer to as ďthe IPod generationĒ where the lowest quality MP3 is the norm and DJís music is downloaded and played on a mixer run solid in the red. Iím seeing more and more DJís showing up with simply two IPodís. The audience doesnít know good sound from bad nor do they care. This is a sad and disappointing state but it is the sobering reality.

I would love to have the opportunity to do an install that has the budget to use Thrive amplifiers.
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