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Wow this thread is still going....

I love Thrive Very very much, But it is not for "drop testing" nor is it meant to be beaten on the road.

It is for esoteric, mind blowing fidelity, in nightclub situations, and anywhere you want good sound.

It is full of absolutely premium parts all around, and not Value Engineered in the slightest.

I have only ever used Nyla, Syla, and Iona. For sub Bass the Maya was out of the clients budget.

Although I have a new OEM monster going through testing in our shop.....
It is full RMS rated at 2200w/pc at 2ohms WILL draw 30amps easily, oh.... and weighs in at about 79lbs. hahaha.

I have to say, while trying it on my new Faital 18XL1500 cabinets, each channel driving 2 drivers in parallel at 4ohm .... this amp PER CHANNEL kicked the snot out of a PL380 Bridged on 2 drivers. Killed it. We are going to have to go double wall on the sub with 13mm baltic birch as the drivers started breaking screwed and glued joints apart.

Nothing quite as crazy as the new 4000w per channel monster from the guys in India though. They are crazy..... And you need 30amp 220 to feed it... haha. It was somewhere on speakerplans forum.....
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