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Originally Posted by pbellsound
There’s enough basic specs to get somebody started. The biggest one has a 20 amp power inlet so we can extrapolate they draw 20 amps or less at their rated output and it has a 20 amp pop circuit breaker. Are these UL or CL accepted? If not, it’s not wise to use them in an installation as in the off chance they cause a fire, no insurance company will cover any losses.

I would wonder if they are power limited below a certain frequency to not exceed the 20 amp mains (as they are rated down to 12 Hz).

I’d like to see how they perform into some big power hungry subs compared to say a PL380, or an offering from Lab.gruppen or Studio-R.


I am more than certain that 12 - 50 kHz is the frequency bandwidth. All amplifiers offer such ratings. They are located in the manuals. Manufactures promote 20 - 20,000 kHz in terms of frequency response. However, no professional amplifier is limited to 20 - 20,000 kHz unless the amplifier is all digital and limited based on the Nyquist rule. Why am I telling you this, which you know already?


The internal arrangement resembles my old Crests Professionals.

Who ever owns this company I would suggest you take down the internal photos of the amplifier or at least make them smaller. If I can find out the voltage rails by looking at various parts of the amplifier, I am quite sure someone who designs amplifiers can see much more.

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