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Thanks John, I currently have an Empath but I want to go rotary. I was originally looking at E&S DJR400 but cant really justify the money. Equally i would like to go for a Urei but with an isolator its heading towards the same price as the E&S. Hence Im looking at the mixers i mentioned before (PMC-CX, PMC-500, Xone 92)

Hope you dont mind if i put you on the spot? If you had to choose, which would you go for the Xone92 or the PMC-CX since you have experiance of both?

I to love the layout of the CX and the 92 looks a bit of a mess in comparrison and Im not 100% on the 4 band Eq on the 92...but some of the features on the 92 make it stand out as well and from what Im told the sound is quite good?? Probably better than the Vestax??? Hope Im not opening a can of worms up here with this thread?? Im just trying to make an imformed decison before i spend my hard erned cash!!!

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