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feedback on SP-1PRO

Originally Posted by SBS Designs
I wanted to post a pic of a Concept processor The SBS Designs SP-1PRO

With overwhelming positive feedback @ AES By...

Mix engineers,
Global Distribution
Even OTHER Manufacturers reps loving the SP-1PRO had commented wow, this is amazing i wish this was avail when i was engineering productions in studios its Unreal....

I have gone forward with bringing SP-1PRO to Market in 2014!

Another orig 1st of its kind of Design, ONLY from SBS Designs!

Take music production and sound systems to levels not possible before!

The one and ONLY SBS Designs SP-1PRO

Front Panel Bypass:

SP-1PRO offers a true front panel wet dry bypass switch for comparing.

SP-1PRO Specifications:

Freq resp: 12 Hz to 30 kHz +/- .1 Db
Roll off: low = - 2 Db @ 8 Hz, high = - 2 DB @ 44 kHz
Max line level in = + 21 DBu depending on rear pot setting
Max line level out = + 19 DBu
THD thru solid state circuits = .03%
Second harmonic distortion thru tube output section = .3%
AC Power Draw: 25 watts

SP-1PRO Applications:

Recording Studios
Mastering Labs
Live PA

Got an amazing compliment from a SERIOUS Audio veteran, Ricky Warmington a man who knows music, studio components and high end HIFI audio sound systems.

Not impressed by much a guy who has seen and prob heard it all thru the years was at AES here was his opinion on the SBS Designs SP-1PRO & the SBS Designs booth

Ricky Warmington comments,

Any music lovers dream. Sbs has done it again. A beautiful piece of equipment and the only really exciting and cutting edge product in the entire Electronic Convention.

This is an amazing compliment with all the incredible products this yr at AES, Thanks for your kind words.
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