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SBS Crossover

What other's don't understand, the SBS crossover is a great unit. I have used and worked with alot of equipment, however I find the SBS crossover is the unit for today. We all love RLA for what it has created. SBS is for today. I highly recommend a SBS crossover, quality, sound and durability. I have an X-5000 which works well. However, I do enjoy using the SBS crossover, great piece. I am speaking from experince using the unit nothing else.

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
Today on my Facebook Page in regards to a Pics i put up, In a dedication folder i did for Richard & The PG. I have alot of RLA product pics, The PG Sound System pics, Larrys Booth pics, amp racks, record racks of the Garage.

Eds Comment:

Edward Campbell Hey you stole that 5000 from me, LOL. However I feel the SBS crossover is on another level.
Today at 11:58am

Was nice to read Eds thoughts on my X-over to a piece i love and respect so much, & was the Xover that started it all.

Thanks for the kind words Ed, I`m Glad you like my Products like this. This compliment coming from a True veteran like yourself with your experience and knowledge and where you have been in this industry & posting how you like my products like this made my day.
Ed (NY Sound) Campbell
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