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The key is that its not a "big" outfit. We have a great designer at the helm who believes in the aesthetics and beauty of a design as well as uncompromisable sound. I have access to discuss design mods and upgrades with him based on real world situations, and being from the USA our market trends and needs vs Europe, Ibiza, Russia, Dubai, and UK where Void is very popular. I have always been a very big fan of British Sound Martin Audio, Flashlight Floodlight Turbo, and Now Void. I believe that no one designs a high output sub like Rog does, not since the days of David Martin. And it allows us to bring a unique look and flavor to market that no one else is doing. Lets face it, there is no one perfect solution for every club, and the nightclub and entertainment scene is actually benefited by F1, Gary, Infinite/Lord,Fulcrum, Shorty, Bassmaxx, and all these companies pushing the boundaries of acceptable (puke) out of the box Avalon and calling it an install.

I LOVE seeing everyones big installs, because it means people are spending MONEY on BIG Crazy Systems again. There is room for all to play, and keep doing big and crazy things and trying to be the best. It makes everyone sharper and better in the long run.

Rant? Maybe. But I just want everyone here to know how much I love and respect the hard work everyone does from L.A., to Vegas, Miami, and NYC to around the world, just to make the bass thump and people smile.
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