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NEW RELEASE - Ancestral Ceremony (4 Track Ep) from Mushroom Boyz

Smooth Agent Records is proud to release another EP by South Africa's “Kings of Deep House”…the Mushroom Boyz. The EP's entitled track Ancestral Ceremony uses intricate soundscapes and sparse percussion to sonically take all listeners to an ancient Africanised ceremony and on a deeper trip into house music than taken before by the Mushroom Boyz.

Three mixes of a track entitled "Vendetta" also included in the deep journey Ancestral Ceremony takes into house music. The Original Mix and The Jungle Fungi Dub Mix of the track "Vendetta" are so deeply house that only South Africa's “Kings of Deep House” could have orchestrated them.

But, the third mix of the track "Vendetta" was orchestrated by the "Boss" of the Smooth Agent label...Sean Smith, which is a hometown homage mix he calls a "Chi Afro Journey".

Expect yo mind, body and soul to be "jacked" by the 4 Track EP Ancestral Ceremony from the Mushroom Boyz's.
Click to see the video
Click here to listen/buy Mushroom Boyz 4 Track EP " Ancestral Ceremony"

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