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Looks like this is one band wagon we all can agree on. This is fun. I haven't begun to open the Biamp. The, "if it ain't broke....", but I have done some funny things in my electronics history. This now intriques me.

The MP 44 is a goal to rotarize (new word?). I will get that project done one day. I am so in love with that mixer. I love the lay out, sound, options. Awhile back I did the ALPS mod on my ASR 3 way. I posted pictures here but there wasn't any buzz so I just kept it moving. Modded the board to accept the pots. Some dremel work and re tracing and viola.

The 24 are one of the cleanest mixer around. Cheap enough these days. Parts are still accessible. Rane will support it still. Not free, but help is available. Not a dead item. Changing one of these is a very acceptable challenge.

DYI is the world I live in. Keep this up. Any kind of work on any kind of electronics is fine by me. keep the photos coming too.
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