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First I must say that the 2016 series is a VERY GOOD product so far. I owned every version of it and it is still a classic design and the look already makes me smile every day. Classy like a well fitting suit. And it has a bit of history (Ministry of Sound booth etc.). I can only recommend it!

- Make the face-plate anodized instead of painted. The current paint just wears off too easily.

100% agreement here. In 2012 we have laser writing for this (does not add but takes away from the black anodized surface).

- Perhaps add in a sound card with a select-able input on the matrix with Serato (and even Traktor) certification.

Destroys the retro feeling of this unit..

I add to the list:
-make this available outside of USA and Canada for a FAIR PRICE

-make pots replacable as they wear out after a few years, especially the XP2016 EQs (!!!!)

-add the old knobs of the original once again (yes I know they are no longer produced..find a way)

-upgrade the cue button "part" as they do not feel fix

-imrove relationship with the rotary fans. Hello we are buying your stuff...
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