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Originally Posted by Truba
i have a 4 bst, a guy in a shop told me they draw a lot of power from the power socket, thats probably why. i bought 4bst in early january this year, i needed a step down power transformer for it cause all my other ones were used on other gear...

so i didnt know what to do i went on the net and bam first search, this massive power transformer for 169 dollars, i call the guys and he says yeah this one
will do the job, he said it can work 24/7, he said these transformers are used for power tools like drills that are imported from the states, he said that it may be noisy but i havent had any issues with it, it works flawless and i can play as long as i want, i left it once for about day and a half and it didnt even get wam.

anyway my story

I'll post a pic of the one I bought to run a matamp mixer that swam to me a few years ago...

similar unit, but in reverse...

the one I grabbed was previously in use at a data center that had grabbed a slew of grey market servers to use for their hosting company....

Doolittle & Seymour Associates

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