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Seller claims the unit was purchased new by him as part of a whole system in '73 or '74 from David Beatty Stereo in Kansas City.
(I tend to think '74 due to the stamp on the side of the chasis)
They were the premiere dealer in KC at the time and did many installs in local disco clubs in those years.

The only "customizing" which was done by the original owner was adding labels on the front panel and
replacing the two phono controls with larger knobs - but he kept the original knobs and
that were provided to him at the time of purchase...

Seems like it may have been a Factory job on the conversion to 10-2-D1.....

I got pics of the inside and it looks similar to another 10-2-D I have, except instead of the normal chasis it was orig. a 6-2S...
also, instead of jumpers in positions 5/6, there are cards that are missing some bits and pieces --
evidently the jumper cards have been used at Bozak since at least 1274 (chassis stamp date)

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