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Originally Posted by R_Dub
nope, syncing is a whole different beast then matching the bpm read outs on the cdjs. c'mon now. anyone who's spent any amount of time on the CDJs knows that the BPM readout is only good for getting it KINDA close, thats it. - I'm not making an argument for or against sync here. just sick of hearing ppl say that CDJs basically had the same as sync all along - thats BS.

That's not true at all actually. If you are using rekorbox, and you verify that the beat grids are set correctly (about 95% of the time, you don't even need to correct them, the software is that good), the BPM counter on the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-2000 Nexus is 100% accurate.

This is nothing like on the CDJ-1000 where the player analyses the audio from the CD on the fly, and displays what it thinks is the beat counter. The 2000 is a different beast entirely (if you are playing from rekordbox analyzed files).

It's always been easier to mix on CDJ's. You don't need to learn the art of riding the pitch.

As for it only having 3 extra buttons... try playing around with the new loop modes, particularly with slip mode turned on . The roll-type effect is pretty nice actually.

The people with iPhones are so annoying. I play at an afterhours underground venue, and obviously I'm not playing commercial music. People have come up with an iPhone and are completely confused when you tell them you won't play their track. "Why can't you just plug it in?" Technical aspects aside, your Beyonce track isn't really going to work in my set, thanks.

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