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My best friend worked at Harmon (Soundcraft Canada) There were no parts to be had.. He was one of the heads of parts/service.. Its like they junked all the parts or never had any intention of stocking parts.. things like phono card didnt exist let alone other parts like faceplates and such..

My faceplate has a few scuffs but the numbers have not faded ore worn at all, I use this mixer everyday.. its a decent sounding mixer but there is a lot to be desired on the audiophile front..

I had the Rane 2016a in the booth for a while, Im back to the Urei LE now and the xone92 in the setup with three 1200,s

Originally Posted by
if a good contact at Harmon could be found....
that's another possibility to source parts from...

I've read of components escaping that are not generally available retail....

I don't think "audio for the soul" bozaks will be confused for the original articles....
not by folks who do their homework at least....
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