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Originally posted by dancetomybeat
Definately not a WORLD CLASS SOUND SYSTEM...

How's that for a nuanced and detailed comment

TheDJay, I didn't misunderstand your post. I found it interesting and I do believe that system has potential. Just because it's not using Berthas, have tweeter arrays or was installed by Richard Long doesn't automatically mean it sounds bad. It's just a different approach.

James, what I meant in my rant was that I can buy, say a McIntosh amp, hook it up and make it sound terrible when used improperly. I can also set up a generic Sony amp and make it sound decent. When used properly most of today's higher end audio components can sound pretty good.

So, when buying a sound system from a reputable company, you're not paying for the individual components of the system and you shouldn't have to worry about it either. What you're paying for is the whole package and the comfort of knowing someone has spent the time and effort to find components that work together in your room, regardless of what the components are. Thus, "out of the box" can indeed sound good, if used properly.
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