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Club Pacha

I went to club Pacha for there invite party last night. Here is my 2 cents if anyone cares? The place was nice, not to much different from the looks of the Sound Factory. I was a little disapointed about that because i thought they wanted to make a different club scene more warm feeling? The outside was nothing special just a fresh coat of paint and some tents that were being takin down by 1:30am. They moved the dj booth to were the stage was in the Factory and took off the metal covering that was on the pillers and replaced it with some kind of material. The place looked more like a club and not just an after hours spot but it still had that dark feel. They added as many areas for table service as they could. The sound system sounded pretty good. They had the EV alphas on the main floor i think 8 or 10 full range boxes hanging in the corners and middle(like the ones they had in Space in Miami). Around the bar and under the walkways they had small EV boxes and EAW boxes hanging. The subs were EV alphas. It looked to me that there were 6 or 8 along one wall on the main floor. Maybee some under the stairs going to the secound level. There were no tweeter boxes hanging from the ceiling. I couldnt see what was in the dj booth but i know they had some kind of isolator because the DJ was killing the bass some times. All in all it sound good to me but im no expert! Definitly didnt have the womp bass from the berthas but it had alot of kick. There wasnt enough bouncer or managers running the bottle service areas. Anyone could walk in and out definitly didnt feel like you were recieving vip treatment but maybee bacause it was the invite party and they wanted it that way? Im sure it will get better as they gain more expereince. It definitly doesnt beat Crobar just two different designs!

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