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meaning a bad situation

Originally Posted by charles0322
Same thing happened to your boxes at Stereo my friend.. I told the owner he was an idiot and he agreed LOL

I know about you pulling out of D36.. you told me about the club before it was discussed publicly and when you pulled out you told me why.

I think Gary tried to make things work for him and his family.

The job he did there was the best I have heard in NYC. My experience is limited in New York with systems do to my age and location in Montreal, it didn't always sound at it's best but with the proper DJ it was thunderous and clear.

The rent was dirt cheap, I think it was in the neighbourhood of 25 or 30k per month..

I get that you saw writing on the wall.. but I dont follow your run on sentence post, are you saying you did two better rooms and systems? I am confused because this is not the place to big yourself up..

It's funny but common on WAVE that in a post where we are commending GSA and remembering him, while at the same time lamenting at the fact that his beautiful work was destroyed.. we have a fellow designer and installer pop up to tell us how he knows all, was there before and has done way better....

was in my hands i had to pass on and was blessed with 2 better rooms and club owners, sometimes u have a bad situation and u are blessed with better opp
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