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Originally Posted by Laurin
Talked with Gary about that topic to.
He told me he tried everything that is on the market and the Powersoft K had the best sound.

Had the chance to listen to some K Amps on a good system and the sound was great.

PS have the largest power reduction of all amps on the market, they reduce their output immediately after hard signals in milliseconds. they cannot drive loads less than 4 ohms properly, they have the largest amount of HF cut. they distort heavily while they reduce their output. distorsion always sounds sweet to a certain point.

i have tested one of the M-series which they say is their best horse in their stable and i was surprised about the low frequency output until i measured them: no highs, no midrange details, nothing. just read several tests in sono and production partner magazine. they all tell you the same.

i doubt an american company has heard all amps on the market. pure blabla. its about the same when F1 said some years ago we built the best mixing console, we listened to all of them. also pure blabla. human ears can store sounds for 20 seconds. there is no way of comparing "all of them".
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