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Originally posted by Tangocox
Has anyone used one of these, I'm thinking about buying one for an installation....

Is the sound as good as with the classic old F Sounds?

Do the EQ's go down to minus infinity?

Can you assign specific channels to the fx loop or is it only on the master?

Any help would be much appreciated.

I haven't been able to compare the sound directly to any old FS mixer. It definitely sounds good, so I would think the sound is like the classic mixers.

The EQs I think go down to around -20 or something. Not a complete kill, but still pretty good.

There are two FX loops on the FF6000. They act as inserts on each side of the crossfader. Each channel on the mixer is then assignable to either side of the crossfader, both sides at the same time or simply bypassing the crossfader.
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