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Originally Posted by Balaroue
I think their a giant leap forward to the djs who find using headphones & pitch adjusting bothersome. The full color screens with waves will give them something to look at other then the laptop.

Very nice units actually, but $2400? Oh my.

Real price is looking under $2k. A bit more than the existing CDJ-2000's. Which were already too expensive anyway.

They look like nice feature upgrades. Just enough to give new functionality, but distinctively still a CDJ... and easy to use.

Sync, meh. Everyone's up in arms. If you don't like it, don't use it. I have had sync via traktor for what 5 years and don't use it. Quantized loops, however, I do use quite a bit. It's another tool just like anything else.

Not sure if I'll upgrade yet. I can get a pretty penny for my existing 2000's, so it might be worth staying up with the upgrade curve.
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