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Originally Posted by NathanShort
I can verify that the main Incubus system I was flown in to tech and tune was fully operational. This includes the DJ monitors.

The rest of the club was being installed after I left.

There is a plan to add some rear fills on the dancefloor.

IMHO the club is Tiny. Thats a monstrous tank of a system to squeeze into a little room like that. I have half those subs and same tops in a much much larger room in chicago. That system will never hit half power in NYC. Mine in Chicago does hit about half power on the most busy nights. It will do 117db with no problem, so we make quite sure to not let it get that crazy.

but why two monstrous stacks with a smaller club than d36.. d36 albeit had four crazy huge stacks and wasnt that much bigger. I think they could have gone smaller with a four point Void, with less stature (perhaps less status) but the booth at Sankey's was very clean sound, Im guessing that was an airmotion system? Incubus was clean, was playing at half volume or less, peaks were very powerful at times, but 4 point stacks or at least fills is necessary.. sound needs to be all around you..

again.. I heard today that some of the speakers werent working but not sure what or where, maybe they are talking about the fills to come.

they needed you in the basement, you could have really helped down there..
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