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Originally Posted by muzikdc
Not to diss any system, but why wouldnt they just keep the GSA system?

its the question I keep asking myself over and over..

no disrespect Nathan, I know you did the best you could, but there were no fills to make you immersed in the sound.. the sound was coming from the front and as you walked around the room there were clear spots where there was more bass.. its not the same as what Gary did.. you were surrounded, utterly surrounded, maybe it was overkill though, but and a big but, it was the most impressive I have experienced to date. digital or analogue. its why Pioneer made their choice imo.

they put in flashy lights and flashy speakers that def have the power but it feels like a live p/a style rig where you hear the sound from the front, not a superclub.. I did hear later that they were having problems with the sound and that not all the speakers were working??
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