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SBS Designs Iso-Q2

Iso Q2 customer feedback
DJ Speedy from Baltimore purchased his Iso-Q2 mail order from

ISO-Q2 .......All I have to say is WOW..the way this unit has transformed my system is just simply amazing. The ISO-Q2 is worth every penny. The highs are crisp and the lows are clean and solid..very easy to use and setup is just as easy as plug and play..and cant forget the 10 year warranty, SBS stands by his product and I truly back it...For Home, Club or anything, if you want to upgrade your system to quality sound..the ISO-Q2 is a must have for everyone

Face The Bass

Veronica Utopia
...although i haven't been in the djing business long..but i've been a dancer (like forever...LOL) and the clarity of sound...the crispness that the iso-q2 has given to whatever is played is phenomenal...i feel like a child in a candy store...i love it and, needless to say, it has me pumped to play more often than before....thanks shorty for developing this is HOT - the purity and distinctness of the music takes me back to my garage days...and that says a lot...matter of fact, the iso-q2 it takes it up a level...♥

SBS Designs Iso-Q2 client feedback

Ben Alschuler
hey shorty, used the ISO-Q2 at a wedding in Martha's Vineyard last weekend and my small system sounded the best it's ever been. Rane 2016, Iso-q2, Pioneer MEP-7000 and CDJ-900 played through a QSC K-Sub and 2 Mackie SRM-450's.

From Large to the smallest powered systems the Iso-Q2 will enhance your sound quality and playing performance all rt on the fly.

DJ Erv Batista

The ISO-Q2 is one of the most responsive units ive played on.The warmth is amazing and the cut is just as sharp. SBS designs have set the bar high, they have the best unit on the market right now, just one session and you will be hooked as I was.


Vintage fans will love this system in the link below:

Here is a SBS Designs client that went with an Iso-Q2 and replaced his Mcintosh MC 2102 TUBE amp, and purchased a SBS Designs S2 Class AB amp to drive his vintage JBL mid highs, and for his JBL dbl 15s replaced his Mcintosh MC 275 and purchased a SBS Designs S3 Class AB amp 1

The 1st Pic is Speedys set up in a console he built, the others are from a Longtime Audiophile SBS Client...
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