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recording setup assistance

Hi Forum,

Sorry, I've been a member for years, never contribute and come around begging for help...

So, I'm a complete novice, I've got a new iMac, and Apogee Duet and a Bozak CMA 10-2-DL. I'd like to record mixes but also listen to records when the computer is turned off.

How do I wire it all up, repeated pissing around whilst not reading the manual is getting me nowhere...

Do I need to use both outputs on the mixer ((xlr/phono?) one to my amp and one to the duet), and if so which to which?

On the breakout cable for the duet, which is "in" and which is "out"?

Before getting the computer I was using the phono outputs on the mixer straight to my amp to listen to records.

As I said, new to mac, new to duet.

Helplessly yours....

PS I appreciate anyone telling me to read the manual ;-)
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