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Not to go off track but I don't think anyone is questioning the build quality of the newer Bozak AR-6 mixer. I think the original question is about sound quality reproduction compared to an original BOZAK or UREI mixer. Has anyone done A/B comparisons that would help mieze245 make a valid decision? Does it actually sound better and if so thoughts on how and why from knowledgeable people like Pern who does lots of his own designs. One comment I have also heard like rs_ is lack of technical support. Their communications to sell are very professional and accommodating but when asking for technical support they draw back. When you read posts I think attitude interpretation can become confusing. I don't think anyone here including myself is trying to bad mouth or degrade the AR-6 mixer only trying to get a few valid opinions or questions answered. On another note about corporate design issues....I have seen photos of the original 1980 Bozak HB-8A mixer shown at audio shows for several years in the early 1980s. The interior design looks very similar to the original 1620 released in late 1982 by UREI. I was once told by a reliable source that one of Bozaks designer engineers had production disagreements about the matrix input selection switching network and tooling costs. He left Bozak and moved to the western states around 1979 or so. He became employed by UREI and was partially accredited with the original 1620 music mixers production that had the matrix switching function as a key feature.

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