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vinyl_junkie point taken if a company does not want to provide information to the general public with something being in the developing stage etc. I just think when you as a consumer purchases a piece of equipment you should have access to schematics and service information in case the company goes under and you need a repair of some sort. You should not have the responsibility placed on you to track down something that even a professional repair facility does not have access to. I have talked to a couple different people who own products from several new company's including the new Bozak and were denied schematic access and information. Looking back to original UREI, Bozak, Rane, and other respectable company's from years past they provided the purchaser with operator and service manuals with many of their products as you mentioned. I would not want to purchase a $2000.00 component and find out it has become a throw away because technical information would not be made available to me or a professional repair facility.

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