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vinyl_junkie... I could not agree with you more. After seeing your post and the complete overhaul you did on a original DL you of all people should know the ins and outs of the physical quality and sound reproduction of the USA Bozak built mixers. Lots of hype was created when the AR-6 was conceived and I am sure there are lots of opinions but I like you would like to hear from owners and operators of the actual unit who purchased it and not given one for test purposes. I tried on many occasions to get a schematic of the new AR-6 but no one seems to have one and the few people who had access to it would not provide a view. People over the years like yourself, Pern, Buzzy Beck, etc. are willing to help out and share their knowledge. I guess the competitive market and the ability to make money is why so many new manufactures are reluctant to share their designs and updates. Years ago I read all the same statements provided from Paul Morrissey when introducing the idea of the remake of Bozak products. I would love to see an original and the AR-6 in a a/b comparison. I am sure all the newer specs of the AR-6 would outperform the original design from over 50 years ago but what would the ears decide? Also I think from what I have seen the exterior power supply built by Justin of Isonone when added to the originals exerts optimum performance of the original mixer and may possibly with the originals real discrete design surpass the new mixer. I was once told by Buzzy Beck that each mixer was hand build and even though cards were produced in quantities at the factory they were individually assembled and parts hand selected and matched for performance.

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