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Oya's Bembe - Nina

Listen/buy Oya's Bembe -

Oya's Bembe is a jazzy, smooth, powerful track both musically and lyrically. The uplifting beats and the combination of this strong, energetic vocalist, Nina will elevate the energy on any dance floor!!!

Keyboard artist, Scott Wozniak worked his magic by adding a jazzy cool solo and sync tunes which gives you a feeling, "Earth, Wind and Fire" was in the House..

"Horns by Chop Horns", David Watson and Freddie Hendrix added the topping on this cake! Their amazing horn set captures your soul and take the dancers on a deep spiritual journey..
Major Props to Lou Gorbea for his creativity on his production and arrangement work. This track will bring many blessings to music lovers and dancers world wide!

Produced: Lou Gorbea
Vocals: Nina
Snyth and Keys: Scott Wozniak
Tenor Sax and Fluteavid Watson
Trumpet: Fred Hendrix
Percussion and Drums: Lou Gorbea
Vocals and Horns Engineered: Duce Martinez
Pre-Mastering Duce Martinez
Mastered: Herb Powers JR.

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