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Klark Teknik DN360 - Power Supply Issue

I know this is not the preferred graphic EQ of the Wave board, but I'm sure some folks here will know more about this KT unit than I do.

I was spinning at home where I use the KT DN360, and I suddenly heard a very loud 'pop' while I was mixing. I jumped it was so loud. My speakers were okay but the EQ was no longer working and the power light was off. One nice feature of the KT unit is that it functions as a neutral pass-thru even when there's no power to it, so I do still get sound through my system -- just not equalized.

Anyway, I unplugged everything and took a look at the fuse. It looked fine but I wasn't positive. To be 100% sure I ordered new fuses from Mouser thinking that would fix the problem, but it didn't. Still no power. I tried swapping the power cable with another one, and that didn't help either. I moved it to another outlet, and still no dice.

If I completely disconnect power to the unit and then re-plug it in, the power light flashes for a millisecond before it goes out again. But I can't get power to the unit.

Anyone have any suggestions or recommend someone in the US to contact about this? It looks like the KT service dept is located in Las Vegas now, so I do plan to call them.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.
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