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vinyl_junkie...If you mean Bozak mixer parts the person to contact in the U.S.A. is Buzzy Beck. Lots of guys will help but nothing is top secret with him. I know he has helped repair mixers over the phone and through e-mails including one of mine that had a common analog bleed over issue. He would agree with you because he once told me that after doing this for over 50 years he could not understand why so many technicians today treat everything as top secret. Two years ago he supplied me with knob caps for my DLA and the cost was a couple bucks for postage. That is why Scott and so many talked highly of him and also people who knew Scott besides many members here I am sure miss all his postings and knowledge. I am sure you could still get in contact with Buzzy Beck if you need info or parts for a Bozak mixer or amplifier.

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