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I don't like them (dildo headphones) so don't really use it but one day I sat down on it by accident (it was on my sofa) and broke it.
Talked with Anthony about fixing it but never got round it as I never really use it, now I heard he passed away due to cancer :-(

He was a great guy and will be missed

I got him into building them for other people. I originally sent him my 700's which I didn't use (don't like MDR-V700's) And said to him, tell you what chop them in two, keep one half and I have the other half.. I'd like to see what this stick headphone thing is all about.
That kind of started it all off.

I got scoliosis of the spine and stick headphones for me are like the most evil in the world haha
My personal favourite is the Technics RP-DJ1200, the swing arms are great and they sound good too.
A lot of people find them uncomfortable I think but they fit my head very well, are light like the HD25 and very durable
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