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I wouldn't recommend those 10u Quiklok racks for DJ'ing and mounting your Urei, it will be very uncomfortable to mix with that there imo, they are minlay for studio gear.

If you'd be in the UK I could give you mine, I recently replaced all my crappy racks with custom wood ones.

I'd look into making a custom console to fit your Urei or just modify what you have?
Alternatively if you could cut some bits of MDF, I had this done in 2004 by a friend as the Formula Sound has all it's connections on the underside like the Urei.

It was great cos when I sold the Formula Sound, removing the panels was easy and I could further modify the desk to fit other mixers i.e.

I've had 3 mixers mounted in that 4U hole now.. Denon DN-X500, Urei 1620LE and my current Bozak CMA 10-2DL
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