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They are actually DJ-100i's but I brought 200i styluses when the 100's wore out.
Grado said the 200 body is better (can't remember the technical blurb) but I would of had something in-between a 100 and 200 sound wise.

The speakers are KEF 104aB's, I stuck them in my little studio now though and since I had them there less of my stuff sounds like ass (Before I had some Mackie things)

They are voiced for linearity which can be annoying as they show up imperfections or harshness in your system or bad recordings really easily.
They use the same T27 tweeter every one seems to love and bang on about that was used in the famous BBC LS3/5a but that's where any similarity ends really.

I picked up some other KEF's cheap few years ago, some Reference Model One's which I have in my bedroom with the turntables.
The way I'd describe them? They are some over engineered 3 way coax speaker with a weird band pass type reflex box. I personally prefer the 104's but then again the Model One's are hard to drive and can dip to 2ohms so really I need a better amp to get the most out of them but I'd rather have something simpler that was also easier to drive oh and I don't like floor standing speakers.

Funny fact, the guy who designed them (Andy Jones I think his name is) now works for TAD Japan designing their top of the line consumer speakers and their designs are very similar (well the coax driver any way) but obviously better and using exotic materials such as beryllium which KEF could only dream of in the 90's

Kef 104's

Kef Ref Model One's

Very interesting interview with Andrew about speakers and speaker design
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