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Oh I forgot to add the Grado's don't have a 5mv output but rather 4mv, they changed it but never changed the website :-/

This is a bit annoying cos the Urei is noisy and whilst I don't like high output carts I found the output a bit weak on a mixer like the LE (It's a noise box)

So what is a boy to do? Well I brought dedicated hi-fi phono pre-amps!
But guess what and you'll laugh... This made the hum super obvious! haha
So whilst it wasn't mega hissy (The line in's are more clean than the phono's) you had this obvious hum cos it wasn't covered up by the Urei's shitness and because the Urei has no trim's the output was still quite low from the dedicated phono pre's hahahah With such headaches I thought.. fuck it dude

So now I have the Bozo, 1210's, KEF's and Stanton 680's and it sounds f'ing great! Just need to service the mixer when I actually get a job again. Sure it's nothing a audiophile would jizz over but it sounds good and it's a fun little system.

edit... Also I should point out I read some where the LE was noisier than the original 1620 in it's original state. Personally I thought the LE was a steaming heap of shit although I've been told (By Justin at Isonoe) if modified can sound great.
Basically, once he's done with it she won't sound like a LE any more i.e poo hahah
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