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Originally Posted by 1620_nz
NOOOOOOOO! Don't confuse me anymore.

I don't mind spending money as vinyl is my only vice (i don't drink/ smoke/ drugs). I just want really nice sound with super low record wear. I'm into New York style 'smooth' mixing, so no ripping/ cutting it up Detroit/ Chicago style ala Jeff Mills/ Derrick May (they are my heros but i love my records too much to mix like them!).

I'm using an original Rane 2016, this should'nt make too much of a magnetic field for the Grados?

Don't think so, the 2016 PSU is external on the old ones...

Now to understand my problems, here is a old-ish pic of my setup..

Forget the Bozak there I'll get to that later on, when I had the Urei mounted there it's internal PSU was picked up.. Where the amp is, the needles picked it up and I had to move it! (Those are input select buttons not some kind of crazy eq setting lol)

When I got the Bozak, I am using a step down transformer. That is some bad juju right there, even when it's far the Grado's pick it up.
When I had the Urei it was kind of acceptable, I mean you wouldn't notice it on music and it was near the noise floor of the LE but with the Bozak daimn, it's also a quieter mixer so you tend to notice it more.

Any way give them a go, you may find them ok or it may not bother you.
I'd use them if it wasn't for the hum.
One day when I have money I may put more time into it but at the moment I couldn't care any more... I just want to be able to listen to records really and not give a poo, I hardly mix either, I have more fun playing with synths now days ahaha :-/
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