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Originally Posted by 1620_nz
It's just so hard. Is there no "go to" cart / styli for minimal record wear with excellent sound quality.

I currently have the Ortofon NCE MK.1 OM's which need new styli....Is there any nice styli compatible with this cart body?

I was thinking of upgrading to the Grado DJ 200's but the hum puts me off, especially as here in NZ we use 220-240V.

I swear I'll never touch any digital DJ equipment, but I can see why people make the change

Either put some OM5E tips on them if you don't care about record wear (calibrate them properly... no 1 gram dicking around just because they can track it in the macro sense) or get those AT carbon fiber ones and stop fussing. This shit will drive you crazy. Your vinyl's going to be useless anyway eventually with all this cart switching. You'll have worn every nanometer of the groove. Spin and get back to the tunes. That's one of the few advantages to all this digital lifeless zombie stuff I'm doing now... more about the music and less about the gear. Oh laudy... so much to choose from. Sure, most of it is mastered pretty bad compared to old wax cuts, but what can you do, bro...?
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