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Yep, quality vinyl is becomming a lost art. So many re-issues but few of them live upto the original pressings.

Ron Murphy @ NSC was a big loss to Techno, really loved his work, you can be digging a 2nd hand record shop and put a record on the 1200 and you know Ron cut it without even looking for "NSC" in the runout grooves. I recently replaced some knackered Basic Channel/ Maurizio 12"s which were cut by Ron and sounded really natural, I replaced them with the Dubplates & Mastering re-cuts and they don't sound nearly as nice (but they are louder, not that i care).

Nilz @ Exchange could also cut loud without removing dynamic. One of my faves has to be Herb Power Jr. Such a pity that these days he's not cutting vinyl but mastering hip-hop records too hot.

Mark Richardson cuts nice natural sounding vinyl, dynamic but a little quiet by todays 'loudness wars' standards, but i guess thats what the volume / input gain knob is for. (I don't know what happened with his mastering of Round Two "New Day" on Mainstreet Records though).

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