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Originally Posted by 1620_nz
It's just so hard. Is there no "go to" cart / styli for minimal record wear with excellent sound quality.

I currently have the Ortofon NCE MK.1 OM's which need new styli....Is there any nice styli compatible with this cart body?

Hi 1620, yeah that's why I started this thread. Ortofons have the advantage of being modular, meaning that you can fit any Ortofon DJ stylus (Arkiv, DJ S & E, Pro), or hifi stylus (OM5E, OM10, 20, 30) to your existing NCE mk 1 cartridge body. The NCE mk 1 body is the same as an OM body, whereas the NCE mk 2 is the Super OM body. I went for OM10 as they are elliptical and reasonably priced.

When I receive them I am hoping the OM10s will sound more refined than the NCE mk2s, and they track at half the weight also. I'll use them for light mixing and listening at home. If you want to stick with rugged DJ carts then go for a DJ stylus replacement, but if you want improved quality sound then go for a hifi stylus.
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