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Originally Posted by vinyl_junkie
Exactly! The NCE's couldn't track for shit, that wasn't nice to your records.

Re Grado's, they can stick it up their ass hence why I gave them away.
I'm not putting in any more money just to stop them getting hum ps most of the hum isn't from the TT but near by amp's, mixer, farts what ever

They required a very high downforce to clear up even moderately, and that still didn't quite equal the Shure Whitelabels still paltry FIMD performance. You are certainly right that the Stanton thin cantilever MI designs perform extremely well in this regard. I just never found the sort of open, extended sound or carefree handling that I found with even cheaper hifi tips. I will say that the ATP series was a sort of wonder kid of hybrid carts, but the price started going up on those tips and you really did need fairly high arm mass to get a good low frequency resonance performance on it. You could do much worse than the ATP, but it never was lush or "lit" like an Ortofon... let alone the Grados. Tight, snappy, and solid as a rock sonically, though. The Grado lack of inner light and taught-ness was always made up with its unbelievable, expansive soundstage and effortlessness. I tend to think the Ortofon inner light thing is a house sound that's a combination of top resolution and the way they voice midranges. It's probably uneven, like their O One headphone outing was, but it works on some level. NCE certainly portrays that house sound, just with rapidly disintegrating diamonds and even more rapidly disintegrating records. You pay for that inner light.
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