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well Ortofon does have it uses though. I own Concorde PRO's (silver ones) and I really like them. They're plenty loud so they even work nicely with budget mixers. Is this important? Considering these carts are pretty cheap (75,- a piece, but I got them for 60,- euros) I'd say so. Needles are like 25 euros a piece, bargain.
Plus they just screw right in, no need for fiddling around with screws and tiny wires on a headshell. Soundwise? They're DJ carts allright, use them for that. They stick to vinyl very nicely with only 2.5g (recommend 3g). Yes they're spherical but this makes them very nice DJ carts as opposed to listening carts. And they can take a beating (like the infamous 500 ALs)

So maybe Ortofon does indeed make carts that aren't all that critically acclaimed sound wise, but they make damn fine DJ carts.
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