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I doubt it, every Grado I heard of since the 70's has hum and is inherit to their design which didn't change much.

Check out those pissed off people with Rega Turntables hahahah

It really is one of the most stupidest things ever considering a Stanton is DEAD SILENT and I mean it. Or make that almost anything, Ortofon have pretty good hum rejection as do Shure.

I talked to Grado about it and they will do nothing about it, they tell me this design works better for the sound quality (to do with the way the coils are placed) at the small (apparently) cost of induced interference which I personally find unacceptable.

It may be ok on a simple belt drive TT with a out board PSU in a simple hi-fi setup in a empty listening room but a complex DJ booth or broadcast studio, forget it.
I tried to explain that to them... Notice the tried hahah

Imagine using these in a radio station back in the day, no chance... Hence why once again Stanton was the choice of the professional ages ago.

I'd still say try one though, most people aren't as fussy as me and it's slightly less apparent on something like a 1620LE.... Why? The LE is god damn noisy, the noise floor kinda covers up the hum
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