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I wish people would stop falling for Ortofon's gimmicks and marketing, if you don't want harsh sound just don't buy a Ortofon.

And no they don't work too well with 1620 as the output is way too loud imo amongst other design decisions which don't work well for sound quality but well for marketing/poor quality mixers or just mongs who dig hot rod graphics

The Gold is EXACTLY the same as the Night Club E mk1 but painted gold and a total rip off.
What cracks me up is that they say the Gold is the best, golden standard bla bla bla... But if it's the best why does it say the NCE mk2 is such a improvement? hahahah It's not that's why, it's just optimised for crap mixers and poor phono amps like the Pioneer's

The now discontinued Arkiv was just a DJ e painted white, great for archiving with a cantilever the size of the Chrysler building.

Ortofon stopped printing the stylus tip mass now too, hmm wonder why

Don't believe their whole buy the same stylus thing.
The pro, dj, night club mk1 all used the same OM body... Same as their hi-fi ones
The NCE mk2 is just a super OM body

Stick any stylus on what ever body you want or personally just don't touch the brand.

Ortofon's use horrible cantilevers that track like crap (see sibilance) and anything after the VMS line have a frequency response that tilts upwards as frequency rises, I guess it's so it sounds "detailed" and CD like in the show room until you get home and you have to live with this "fake" sound
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