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Originally Posted by bretflute
its strange to put up a system like this for sale and not give specifics or a price... are drivers included?? i dont think there is a need to hide anything here ($$$) i doubt anyone will steal those stacks... hahahaha!!! what is the price??? i may have a club in sao paulo that might be interested!!! but cmon... its not like the asking price has to be kept secret is it??? lets keep it real on wave please...

I think the game here is to cause a bidding process given our shock and amazement on here that someone would actually remove that system from the room. AND given the fact that Pioneer chose this exact system as their flagship big room system a la GS-WAV.

It could have been a very good marketing move to keep the GS-WAV, probably would have problems using Pioneer's name without an agreement.. I think they would have jumped all over the chance to re-brand it to have a foot hold in the NYC area and a system to demo to US clients.

I get that Sankey's wanted to set a high standard for sound with something new, that they had originally decided on a space a bit more uptown to make their NYC home.. They also had the system already as per the S/N#s that Nathan wrote..

The price on the Incubus per stack.. + the fact that they wont sell the tops without the bottoms, unless you go with a setup using four tops two subs. Its a great rig, but overpriced given what a club can make in a given evening. I hope they made the right choice and that Sankey's is a long lasting player in the NYC nightclub offerings.

but why on earth was the system downstairs changed, unless it was no longer there when they acquired the club. Because the prior system was far superior in the basement, with smaller speakers I might add..

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