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I just wanted to add that I went to check out Output this past Saturday, and it is the best sounding system I've heard in a long time. I was expecting the bass to be very "boomy" based on that giant sub under the DJ booth, which I can confirm, really is hilariously awesome in person. But the bass had a very tight feel there. It pounds you in the upper sternum. I remember some of the old Steve Dash systems used to make my Adam's apple vibrate, but this one definitely hit you just above your pecs!

The music that night was very minimal tech, so I didn't get to hear a variety of sounds on it, but what I did hear was great and made the music very exciting. The highest compliment I can pay is that the sound did not fatigue my ears over 4 hours, and I was alternating between using musician earplugs and going au natural. No ringing or white noise afterwards. I spent most of my night on the main floor. It played great compared to the following night at Santos, which required earplugs all night.

Does anyone know what the tall skinny folded horns are in the main stacks at Output? They seem to be using that for mid-bass and I've never seen them before in any system, F1 or otherwise.
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