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Lovin U - H.I.M.W.O.L, Marc Evans

Listen/buy Lovin U -
H.I.M.W.O.L, Marc Evans HERE


H.I.M.W.O.L feat Marc Evans
Lovin U

Written & Produced by Glen Dichiera
Vocals by Marc Evans
Tracks 1&2 Remixed by Tony Jesus
Track 3 Remixed by Gianni Junior
Vocals by Marc Evans
Mixing Engineer Dj Spen
Executive Producers Thommy Davis & S.Spencer

For your pleasure and energy, Unquantize presents an underground and edgy remix package you are sure to enjoy. H.I.M.W.O.L. “Lovin U” featuring Marc Evans is already classic, but we asked these guys to add more to what was
already a beautifully artistic single in the house and dance genre. First, are the thumping remixes by Tony Jesus. Tony has done mixes for Code Red Records, New Generation Records, Tony Records, and Next Dimension Records. His re-work/re-production captures a rawness that delivers the energy underground house originated from. The mixes mesh new drums, hook filled synths, bouncing bassline , and an arrangement that is captivating for the serious dance/ house dance floors. His mixes includes the “Vocal mix” with dynamic vocals from Marc Evans that invoke the classic sounds of soul and a severely energetic “Hump mix”. Added to this remix package is a rocking Gianni Junior remix that drills in percussion, percolating keys and bassline. It is a statement in house simplicity and rhythm. Gianni is no stranger to QTZ/UNQTZ and knows exactly how to mix and produce soulful, underground mixes. Both of these mixes will thrill your audience and we are proud that these guys affiliate themselves and their music with Quantize/Unquantize Recordings. Expect more from them as they exemplify underground dance music with no compromises!

Candice McKenzie "I like both the Tony Jesus Remix and the Gianni Junior Dub, hard to pick a fave! Thanks so much for sending, I'm going to enjoy playing this one! Dice x"
Craig Stewart "GJ dub is very hot!"
Davide Fiorese "YESSS GIANNI JUNIOR DUB!!!!!"
DJ Biskit "Like Gianni's Mix"
DJ Booker T "Cool Vibes... Will Support"
Dj Chocolate Brown from RiskSoundSystem "Slammin' remixes!"
Dj Minx "My kinda beats right here!"
DJ Rob Tarter "Can't go wrong with Marc Evans on the vox!"
EDDIE Boom "lovin tonys mix that old school feel"
Gianni Junior "Great pack,all mixes rock!"
Hippie Torrales "Gianni Junior mix rocking."
Just Mo "Any beat with Marc Evans works for me ..."
Mannix "Gianni Junir Dub yes!!"
MArio Chrisostomou "Bi-i-i-g sound! All good mixes but Gianni's Dub edges it for us"
Mr Mike "Nice release! Supporting. Thanks."
Mr.V "Love the mixes guys."
Russell Pollitt "Oh yeah!!! Gianni's Dub is a cracker..."
Souldynamic "Thank you for the promo fellas! nice package! Our bro Gianni Junior did an hot dub! thans a lot bless Souldynamic"
Tony Humphries / Jacko "Slammin' remix package!"
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