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Cool Jason, very happy you guys were able to rectify the situation for the surrounds, I love the airmotions in the booth, very little fatigue and Im sure the place is kitted out to envelope you in sound, Ill be back as soon as possible to hear the place again.

Maybe you could walk us through what you want the Summit Audio gear to accomplish in your rig, I believe you had mentioned to me it was tube compressors..

If you want my advice for downstairs have your friend Angel Moraes look it over, he has some of the best ears in the game.

Originally Posted by Jason Ojeda
I agree 100% and as the installer of the system and a veteran to many dance floors in NYC, I also believe in a 4 corner system. Air Motions were put in the following week and I am very happy with the results and the vibe you are talking about is there.

There is also changes being made this week to improve control and dynamics of the system as I put in some gear from Manley and Summit Audio.

Listen, anyone in this business knows that there is tweaking all the time, it is never done once and walk away.

Enjoy the week.
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