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"King Of The Drums!" (Read DJ Feedback)

Listen/buy Drum Skat -
Marlon DHERE

"Foot Stomper"- Dj Spinna

"Nice!"- Danny Krivit

"This is a dope ass groove"- Junior Sanchez

"Downloading"- Richie Hawtin

"Nice Vibes"- Mr V

"Nice one Marlon!"- Kenny Carpenter

"amazing! FUNKBOX READY!" -Tony Touch

"Nice flow"- Marquess Wyatt

"Great Job!"- Tedd Patterson

"Very afro House Good!"- 506 Dance

"Digging it!"- Ultra Nate

"I can definitely work with this "- Sting International

"Love these drums!!!- Lovebirds

"you know how to rock with beats"- Kiko Navarro

"awsome work like always from my buddy marlon d"- Dj Fudge

"love this.. great tension builder"- Andy Ward

"Great riding"- Neil Pierce

"Nice drum tool!"- Grooveassasin

"this will be in my sets for a long time to come"- Sir Piers

"Bangin!"- Antranig

"Tooooop!!!!!!!"- Deepshakerz

"super dope track"- Louis Radio

"hot!"- Fabio Genito

"mos def supporting"- Antonio Ocasio

"You are the master of the drum my friend! Great work as usual. "- Groovejunkies

"So simple yet truly mind-blowing and hypnotizing - a true dance floor bomb"- Mike Fosatti

"PURC MADNESS!!!"- Vinni Davinci

"Rocking like only Marlon can."- Hippie Torrales

"This can be a useful tool."- Ralph Gum

"Downloading now , thanks "- Victor Simonelli

"This track is massive! "- Souldynamic

"I'm sure this will work!"- Dj Oji

" lovin the Drum Scat track. works the dancefloor!"- Stan Zeff

"The beat of the Drum goes on!"- Dj Ala

"Dope Shit!!!"- Tim@ House Afrika

"Loving the drums!!!!"- Polyrhythm

"thanks,supporting!"- Hardsoul

"Nice drums classic marlon d stylee"- Dj able Uk radio

"HOTT!!!! Full Support!!"- Doc Link

"Very tasty!"- Craig Stewart

"LOVE IT!"- Rob james

"Will play and support on ssradio "- Umberto Gianni

"As always, delivering the goods. Heavy Drums.."- James@ Makin Moves

"Love this"- Andy Roberts


"good to have the drums back!!"- Mannix

"FULL SUPPORT"- Franco Demulero

" the start of a new era wish you the best"- Vibe Magazine

"OUUU Yeaa!!! is perfect. Drums "- Dj Bee

"DOPE Beats!"- Jamie 326

"slamming marlon D love it will be rocking this for sure."- Jose Burgos

"Dope! Full support!"- Tyrone 83 West

"Tuff beats very nice"- Todd Gardner

"powerful"- Lady D

"Great!!"- Rony Breaker

"great work!- Dj Inc

"Hot.."- Alex Dimitry


Marlon D earned and was labeled this title in 2007 for his infectious classic hit drum track JESUS CREATES SOUND on Strictly Rhythm Records which can still be heard today in world renowned DJ'S sets across the globe. Since then Marlon has released back to back hits including #1 chart toppers such as "Power of The Drum" featuring Central Africa's biggest star Boddhi Satva . Marlon has also accomplished what many DJ's only can dream of which is to cross over from the deeper underground to the mainstream bigger dance floors and create hits such as "Partanza" which was Collaboratively produced and written with World renowned DJ's Chus and Ceballos, and ultimately turned out to be one of their highest grossing records of all time (Check their beatport page top 10 selling records) . Marlon also broke grounds with long time friends Nervous Records on his smash Remix to Veteran Producer/Dj That Kid Chris' "Girlfriend". He has also attracted some of the biggest names in the music business to his sound such as Justin Timberlake where it was noted that he admired Marlon's "chemistry" on His Beats. Marlon has masterfully created a distinct drum sound that attaches to his persona and grabs the dancers ear to create a moment of euphoria,energy and the gift of Standing out to the rest of the records being played.

Now Marlon D begins a new Journey devoting a Fresh new record label devoted to the sound and art of the DRUM ..

POWER OF THE DRUM RECORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This label will focus on records mastering in the art of the DRUMS . Everything from Afro to Tribal to straight House Music. 100% Original Music

Power Of The Drum Records looks forward to pushing our music to depths unforeseen

Be on the lookout for everything POWER OF THE DRUM RECORDS in 2014 !!!!!!

It's going to be an interesting year

" It's important to sound different than the rest " - John Lennon
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